Transfers & Restoration

Maybe you’re a record label looking to remaster some of your old catalog for a 30-year-anniversary box-set special edition release. Maybe Activision wants your analog recording to be “performed” by everyone and their mother in the new edition of Guitar Hero. Perhaps in cleaning out your basement, you’ve discovered your old band’s demo tapes.

We know what you’re thinking. “Where am I gonna find an ADAT machine at 3:30 AM?” Relax. Go back to sleep, and call us in the morning.

Over the years we’ve collected one of just about every format of audio recorder ever used. We at West West Side have the equipment, knowledge, & expertise to help you liberate your old, dusty recordings for remixing, remastering, re-release, or archiving.

We’ve been baking (yes, tape-baking is a real thing), restoring, & digitally archiving analog tapes for many years. If you have a project that you would like to transfer safely into the digital domain, at the highest possible quality, contact us!