We understand the personal needs of each project can be truly diverse, so individual estimates are always given. We have a staff of mastering engineers from which you can choose based upon your needs. Here's a "basic" price range to give you a quick idea of what it could cost:

Basic Audio Mastering Rates (Standard WAV format)

One to Two songs - $100-$250
EP - 3 to 6 songs - $300-$550
LP - 7 to 12 songs - $550-$900

To receive an accurate estimate, Email us at (or call 845-549-4793)

Additional Final Master Delivery Formats can include:

DDP Image Upload (most popular for CD Pressing and Backup)
Streaming WAV Files -  Digital streaming format for most streming services
2496 HD WAV files for HD Streaming and Dowload - Mastered for iTunes (certified)
Vinyl Split - 24bit HD Master WAV files
Instrumental Masters - for publishing and placement options
(our scheduling form can explain these options in detail with you and help you decide which one or combination may be right for you).

Re-running New Mixes or Instrumentals

- 1/2 studio rate with recall sheets

Additional session options

(call us with special concerns)
DeNoising/DeClicking – Usually can be done quickly (5-15mins/song) during the session. However Vinyl transfers and more indepth DeNoising can take more time.
Vinyl Splits Masters –

Bluray and DVD authoring estimates upon request.

Call us directly at 845-549-4793 or email us…