Rose Tamberino

Scheduling / Office


, like many people in the recording/music business, started out “singing in a band”. Too many years of smokey bars and bad monitor mixes made her shift her talents… to Voice-Over. Much schooling and practice made her perfect for “Flying” in the Planes and Helicopters over NYC doing traffic and news for all too many radio stations. WFAN, WPLJ, WNEW… “What station is this report for?” All valuable “off-the-cuff” experience preparing her for Co-hosting a radio show on Long Island and then Weather and News for WOR in NYC. There, she found a home becoming one of NYC’s only Female Staff-announcers, where she’s been for 12 years, as well as becoming “On-Air Talent” for the “Rambling with Gambling” morning talk show. So how did she wind up at West West Side Music? … Well, there was this demo… And from there it’s been a wonderful relationship. Rose has managed (all puns intended) to keep the WWSM office in shape for the last 7 years and helps run the day to day operations. Thanks Rose.