West West Side Music

has been Mastering for the recording industry for 18 years. Our audio mastering services cater to Major labels with fast paced production demands, and Indie Labels and Artists with budget considerations. A list of Record Co.’s & Independent Clients can be made available upon request (check our credits page for a sampling of artists that we’ve worked with). Our ECD Authoring, DVD Authoring and Surround Mixing services are considerably affordable – for even the smallest of labels and indie bands.

In mastering, it has always been our goal to bring the best objective and subjective points-of-view together, and create with the production team, the very best possible final master. Now, more than ever, bands have amazing control over their sound, and communication with us is key to helping achieve successful final goals. For sessions that need to be done unattended, we make high use of our FTP site where you can follow the progress of your session. Alan Douches (West West Side Music’s chief engineer) has assembled a unique collection of “State of the Art” equipment to facilitate the mastering process. If you have specific concerns, please give us a call.

Please take a look at our Mastering FAQ page – it has a lot of our most commonly asked questions. Also check out our Audio Mastering page – It contains info about us and what we do. Our Pricing page will give you a good idea of what a mastering session could cost. And don’t forget to check out our Surround Mixing page. New info will be coming there soon…